Slot Games – Manual and Auto Spins

Manual and Automatic Spins in SlotGames


Slot are one of the games that are often found in various online casinos like singapore online casino. This game is so popular because the concept is so simple. Unlike other games, in this game, prizes can be obtained simply by pressing the Play button. Even when compared to other games, slot games offer easy opportunities for any player to earn large amounts of prizes. This is what then makes this game so attractive to various groups.

Playing slots on your own is pretty easy. There are two options for players to choose from, from manual to automatic spin. Here’s an overview of the two spin options. 

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Spin The manual spin is one of the spin types available in slot games. As the name suggests, this type of spin requires the player to press the Play button manually. The button will then rotate the entire column in the virtual slot machine only for 1 time. The duration of the rounds can vary from one slot game to another. After the rotation ends, the machine will automatically stop rotating. To make the next round, players are required to press the play button again. 

From a player perspective, manual rotation is actually highly recommended. This is because players can manage many things in slot games, from the amount of the bet, the number of rounds, and even the slot playing strategy itself. When there is a deficiency in the playing strategy, players can immediately adjust it so that it does not happen again in the next round. This will be a little difficult to achieve if you use a variation of the next rotation, namely automatic rotation.

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Automatic rotation

As the name suggests, automatic rotation works on the opposite principle of manual rotation. In this spin version, players only need to press the Play button 1 time to get multiple spins at once. Unlike the manual rotation, when the first lap is finished, the system will continue with the next cycle. This means that the slot machine will not stop spinning until the number of available spins is used up. The number of automatic rounds made will depend on the amount of stake made by each player. Of course, the bigger the stake placed, the more and longer the rounds will take.

Automatic rotation certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. In terms of advantages, automatic rotation allows players to save energy and time. This is because automatic spin no longer requires players to play the slot machine for each spin, but only once. Players just have to watch the results of each of these rounds. 

However, from the player point of view, this has no positive impact. Indeed, there are times that can be saved as well as energy, but this is not the case with playing strategy. When a round starts, players inevitably have to wait until all rounds have been completed. In other words, if the result of the first round is not optimal, then the player has to wait until the last round is over and then he can adjust the strategy. If only the player’s steps are wrong, then the losses will continue to increase from the first to the last round, without any chance to fix it. 

This is what makes us recommend that you choose manual rotation instead of automatic. This option gives you more control over your playing decisions and strategies in best online casino singapore slot games.


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